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Vungle Releases New Programmatic Private Marketplace for App Advertising

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Posted Thursday, September 17, 2015 by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

Vungle Releases New Programmatic Private Marketplace for App Advertising
Vungle’s new Vungle Premium offers a programmatic private ad marketplace which provides the ability to advertise through apps based on an app’s rising or falling popularity. 
The new mobile app video advertising platform combines first and third-party data into a proprietary algorithm with in-house analysis to identify the top-performing apps among the 12,000 that participate in the Vungle platform.
Vungle Premium offers two tools - the Vungle Score and the Vungle Billboard - to reach and engage a target audience at scale. The Vungle Score is an app quality indicator, created with a proprietary algorithm that combines a pool of sources. It showcases past and real-time app performance data, including reach, volume, and conversion. This provides a predictive metric for surfacing high quality apps based on popularity and performance. 

The Vungle Billboard offers a dashboard that adds top apps as they rise in popularity, and removes apps as their usage dwindles. Vungle users can access Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings data in the dashboard, which also provides the ability to filter the list of apps by age and gender to reach the most relevant demographic. Users can curate their own personalized list of desirable apps, in order to target the right audience and optimize for success over time.


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