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The DIY Cellphone

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3/26/2013 7:44:29 AM
The DIY Cellphone
Posted Tuesday, March 26, 2013 by Richard Harris, Executive Editor

The DIY Cellphone
If you've ever sat and stared at your soldering iron and wondered how easy you could make your very own cell phone, I have found your answer! In something of a laughable demonstration of cellphone technology as it exists today when compared to the very complex iOS and Android devices, emerges a new instructional in electronics for anyone interested in learning how to construct a basic cellular device from parts that won't cost you more than $150 at your local electronics store (or ebay).

David Mellis, the creator of this project, is a  first year PhD student in Leah Buechley's group, High-Low Tech, at the MIT Media Lab. His research interest is the relationship between digital information and physical objects, applied to manufacturing, electronics, and programming. 

The source code, circuit design files (Eagle), and case design files (Inkscape) are hosted in the damellis/cellphone repository on GitHub.


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