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Analyzing Four Different Facebook App Marketing Strategies

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8/21/2015 2:02:24 PM
Analyzing Four Different Facebook App Marketing Strategies
Posted Friday, August 21, 2015 by Stuart Parkerson, Global Sales

Analyzing Four Different Facebook App Marketing Strategies
Matt Kane of Fisku recently provided a profile of four different Facebook app marketing strategies to reach specific audiences or acquire app users. We found his analysis interesting enough to provide an overview here.

In his blog post, Matt provided the following list in ordered from least to most effective:

Tier 4: Just the basics: As simple as you can get, broad demographic campaigns are basic campaigns targeted at a certain demographic group – little sophistication and efficiency.

Tier 3: Behavioral and contextual added to a basic campaign: Consists of three different types: static lookalike campaigns, interest/behavior campaign, and targeted demographic campaigns. 

Tier 2: Getting dynamic and re-engaging: Dynamic lookalike campaigns, true A/B testing, reengagement campaigns, and third-party data campaigns.

Tier 1: Personas and pixels: Persona campaigns use segments built from people who download or engage with specific types of apps. Pixel campaigns - also known as Web to App or cross-device campaigns - work by adding a pixel to the advertiser's website.


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