AllJoyn Takes Focus at the AllSeen Alliance Summit in October

Posted 8/3/2015 1:09:20 PM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

AllJoyn Takes Focus at the AllSeen Alliance Summit in October
The AllSeen Alliance Summit will take place in Seattle on October 19-21 and will focus on the AllJoyn open source software framework. 

The conference will offer business leaders, developers, product managers and the open source community the chance to get together to discuss technological areas of the Internet of Things (IoT). The Summit will include keynotes, technical sessions and general sessions that encourage collaboration on AllJoyn and will include IoT topics of interest such as security, smart spaces, industrial, connected lighting, cloud/gateway connectivity, application development, wearables and developer tools.

More than 600 people are expected to attend. Opportunities available from the conference include:

- Receive up-to-date information on the latest developments and innovations within the open source IoT ecosystem
- Develop technical knowledge around the AllJoyn open source software framework
- Explore innovative IoT solutions and creative ways to support an IoT business model
- Gain an understanding of how AllJoyn interacts with other open standards and technologies
- Network with like-minded individuals and organizations

If you’d like to make a presention at the event, the deadline is August 5 for submissions. Suggested topics include.

Business Sessions: In this track organizers are looking to reach and engage business decision makers and product managers and help attendees understand what AllJoyn is, why AllJoyn is important and how member engagement with the AllSeen Alliance can bring business value. Session ideas include the following tracts:

- Highlighting the value of AllJoyn in a business strategy
- Security and privacy in IoT
- AllJoyn in real-world use cases
- The role of open source and open frameworks in building ecosystems
- Marketing the value of interoperability
Technical Sessions: This track will engage developers, engineers and technology leaders to help them understand AllJoyn, its structure and application, and paths to engage in the AllJoyn ecosystem to advance the code. Session ideas include:

- Applications of AllJoyn
- Building AllJoyn-enabled products
- The role of Gateways and Bridges
- Bridging Standards and Open Source Protocols in IoT

Labs: In this track the goal is to give attendees hands-on experience with products, tools and services built on, with or for AllJoyn. Session ideas include:

- AllJoyn 101
- Setting up and using AllJoyn-enabled devices
- Building applications for AllJoyn
- Debugging AllJoyn
- Compliance and Certification Testing
- Creating smart-connected devices

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