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Blazent Provides New Big Data Intelligence Platform
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Blazent Provides New Big Data Intelligence Platform

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Blazent has launched the Blazent Data Intelligence Platform, a big data platform that can access enterprise data from hundreds of disparate IT datastores into a single foundation of data. 

The platform helps solve the problem of siloed, incomplete and inaccurate data by leveraging a new big data engine and a 5-step data evolution process which begins with data atomization, breaking down IT data, regardless of its source, to its most granular level. It then enriches the data with identity management, relationship analysis, purification, and historicity.

Blazent integrates with more than 230 discrete data sources, from ITSM systems like ServiceNow to procurement, billing, operational tool stacks, or even shadow IT sources like spreadsheets. Powered by technologies including Active MQ, Cassandra, Hadoop and Spark, Blazent’s big data engine is optimized for scalability and near real-time data processing.
The platform also purifies service data with associated people and processes to provide greater context and accuracy as changes are made across disparate systems. This enables enterprises and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to accelerate time to resolution, and reliably make precise business decisions.
In addition to the newly architected big data engine, Blazent is introducing two new modules: Data Explorer for reporting and GLOVE (Governance, Lifecycle Operational Validation, Expenditure) for IT service governance and auditing. Data Explorer and GLOVE complement Blazent’s current suite of modules, which are designed to solve specific business challenges, including Data Quality Management, Operational Service Validations and Software Inventory Analysis. 

Data Explorer provides custom dashboards and reporting based on aggregated data across 230+ data sources, including network monitoring tools, security products and service management offerings such as ServiceNow. Data Explorer provides an intuitive interface, simple configuration and one-click drill down capabilities, allowing users to make fast, data-driven decisions for any related business objective – such as billing, security, or operations.

GLOVE (Governance, Lifecycle Operational Validation, Expenditure) offers refined analytics which are particularly useful for Managed Service Providers responsible for managing vast IT services and solutions portfolios. GLOVE enables users to visualize the true lifecycle status of billed or allocated entities, and is granular enough to obtain the insights required to effectively govern key auditable areas, such as correct lifecycle status or account expenditures. Users can also run continuous end-to-end IT audits that establish trusted baselines, or identify rouge assets to diagnose over/under-billed services and analyze historical data 

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