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12/24/2014 2:15:19 PM
2015 Predictions from 4 Mobile Advertising Thought Leaders
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2015 Predictions from 4 Mobile Advertising Thought Leaders

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2015 Predictions from 4 Mobile Advertising Thought Leaders

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Richard Harris Richard Harris

MobFox worked with a few companies in the industry to gather their thoughts on predictions for mobile advertising in 2015. Monetizing an app is hard work and no doubt, the forecast of what to expect in 2015 is something we all need to be watching for. Native advertising is here to stay, more winners than losers, programmatic buying, and added value are just a few highlights mentioned in the predictions below.

Julian Zehetmeyr, MobFox
Programmatic advertising has won the hearts and budgets of many marketers in 2014 but what does it have in store for 2015? We anticipate seeing an uptick in both demand and supply for more rich, engaging units. Attribution will be a key element to this growth for two reasons: it will give mobile financial credit for its success and more advertisers will invest in mobile as they better understand how it's performing. While cookies have allowed marketers to track performance via desktop, mobile has not yet come to a solution. User-controllable identifiers in apps will need to be adopted across the industry to help fuel growth. I also anticipate  buying native will no longer be a buzzword, we are seeing an increase in performance for brands and anticipate scaling premium formats, such as native. Though we need to agree as an industry that the definition of native is complex; I see focusing on the contextual element of native will garner better performance for advertisers. As ads on mobile continue to evolve and mature, performance will only continue to increase, commanding more dollars from traditional budgets.

Luis Frade, Aptoide Ads
2015 will be the year that will widen the gap between winners and losers on the mobile advertising space. Next year almost half of the world will  have a powerful computer in their pocket and that will be a major opportunity for all mobile publishers.  Despite this big opportunity, companies that haven’t grasped how important it is to gain competences on programmatic advertising and what it can do for their business and what it’s doing to their competitive ecosystem are doomed to lose more ground in 2015.

Ben Phillips, MediaCom
Programmatic buying will provide an opportunity to scale mobile revenue investment whilst supported by ad tech to enhance measurability.  This will pave the way for more creative formats such as native design.  My prediction for the biggest media trend in 2015 will be the introduction and integration of connected devices lead by consumer needs.  Watch out for the connected car, wearable devices and the holy grail which will be the unique identifier, whoever cracks this will reign supreme, and yes, its is something I am currently working on! 

Vincent Tessier, LAPLACEMEDIA
We have seen a clear takeoff of the programmatic channel in mobile advertising in France in 2014. For 2015, we expect that both programmatic and native advertising will dramatically change the face of the mobile advertising industry. Brand budgets will continue to rise as best practices from mobile pure players have been learned in terms of tracking and native, as well as programmatic is bringing effectiveness in reaching the right audience.

I believe 2015 will be the year where data will deliver strong added value in key fields such as location, multi-channel attribution and audience qualification. Therefore, data-driven advertising will be adopted by all type of mobile media buyers and campaigns.

Read more: http://www.mobfox.com

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