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Ensighten Releases New Version of its No SDK Mobile App Tagging Platform
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Ensighten Releases New Version of its No SDK Mobile App Tagging Platform

Monday, June 30, 2014

Ensighten, an enterprise data and tag management provider, has announced a new version of Ensighten Mobile, its Tag Management System offering mobile app tagging without reliance on a software development kit (SDK).  

Ensighten Mobile provides the bypass an SDK offering the ability to compile a mobile app library and submit it to app marketplaces (iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8). Any subsequent app changes, such as tracking new events or A/B testing, can be done immediately. 

The platform provides the ability to:

- Deploy a mobile app library in less than 15 minutes

- Publish changes immediately without needing to resubmit to the app store and wait for consumers to download the updated app

- Breakdown data silos by unifying mobile, web and offline data across third-party marketing vendors using the Ensighten Data Layer

- Leverage mobile app data within Ensighten Activate to personalize user content and experiences in real-time across all digital touchpoints

- Test and swap third-party technology vendors

Read more: http://www.ensighten.com/platform/products


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