5/24/2014 11:12:10 AM
Nuance to Provide Voice Capabilities to Oracle Mobile Apps, Updates the Nuance NDEV Mobile SKD
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Nuance to Provide Voice Capabilities to Oracle Mobile Apps, Updates the Nuance NDEV Mobile SKD

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Programming Saturday, May 24, 2014

Nuance Communications and Oracle are now working together to provide Nuance voice and language offerings to Oracle mobile apps. Oracle will use Nuance Cloud Services to add speech recognition and synthesis to certain mobile apps that support Oracle Applications for ERP, SCM, CRM, and HCM, Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud Service, Oracle RightNow Cloud Service and Oracle Taleo Cloud Service, among others. 

Nuance has also announced a number of updates to its NDEV Mobile SKD which allows developers to incorporate Nuance's voice technology. 

Here's what's new:

Higher Transaction Limits & Simplified Pricing: Silver-level members will now receive up to 1 million free speech transactions per app every month, and pay $0.008 per transaction after that. Per device daily transaction limits have been eliminated entirely for Silver and Gold-level members.

Support for Custom Vocabularies: Nuanceā€™s core network language models provide support for the words, phrases and terms that used every day, but they don't always capture highly-unique terms or reflect the usage needed to serve a particular community or use case. NDEV Mobile now offers custom vocabularies, providing better support for apps that require recognition of highly specific or branded terminology. Developers can upload a unique list of words and phrases to extend the language model for an application and achieve improved recognition accuracy for users.

TV Language Model Support: Nuance is moving support for TV language models from Beta and making it available to all NDEV Mobile developers. The company is also expanding its language support to include seven new TV language models - Australian English, UK English, US Spanish, European Spanish, French, German, and Italian.

Enhanced Security: Encryption of speech data transmission is now available to all NDEV Mobile developers across all service levels.

New Platform Availability: After a number of requests to support the Dragon Mobile SDK on Windows Phone 8, the platform now provides the ability to build a consistent experience across iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7 & 8, and Web applications. The company has also posted an update of the iOS Dragon Mobile SDK to support ARM 64-bit in simulators.

New Beta Access Features: Two new beta features have been added. (1) Grammar Recognition Mode (GRM) which brings the benefits of constrained grammars, enabling the ability to limit speech recognition to only those words or phrases that specified within an app's custom vocabulary. This feature increases the recognition accuracy of chosen words, for use cases in which developers can easily anticipate what words will be spoken. (2) With Application Custom Vocabularies, developers can specify words or phrases that should be recognized with greater probability, even if they are not in the base language model. Results Mapping adds the ability to specify in the vocabulary the written output for those words and phrases, and can be particularly useful when dealing with unique spellings.

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