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5/14/2014 5:46:03 PM
Adobe Announces New Analytics Platform Capabilities at Adobe Summit EMEA
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Adobe Announces New Analytics Platform Capabilities at Adobe Summit EMEA

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Adobe Announces New Analytics Platform Capabilities at Adobe Summit EMEA

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson

Among a number of announcements by Adobe at the Adobe Summit EMEA are new capabilities for Adobe Analytics, the data and analytics platform for the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

New offerings include:

Live stream – Now available is the ability to provide full stream of live event data feeding into Adobe Analytics, including real-time data from Adobe Target, Adobe Social, and Adobe Media Optimizer. Live stream provides the ability to leverage real-time dashboards displaying events as they unfold, in-session remarketing to help when consumers appear stuck in a browsing session, and instant traffic visualizations from a specific channel or referral site.

Predictive analytics – Using new decision trees in Adobe Analytics, users can now predict the most likely decisions a customer will make and influence whether they will buy a product or service, watch a video, or take another desired action. Traits such as geography, gender and purchase history are factored into predicting a customer’s digital journey. Using real-time data visualization, users can then personalize live offers to reach their customers with the right information at the right time. Decision trees will enable the ability to create intelligent rules for website targeting and email offers, and to assist call center agents to personalize customer conversations as they are happening.

Unified segment builder – The platform now provides the ability to discover, create, preview and manage high-value audience segments through the new segment builder. Audience segments are created by dragging and dropping key variables, such as gender, region, average order value, and more. Once created, these audience segments can be shared across solutions through Master Marketing Profile, a core service of Adobe Marketing Cloud, and enable the ability to tailor campaigns across multiple workflows.

Mobile app analytics – The platform also allows for the option to tie successful mobile app downloads to campaigns and attribute actions taken in the app to measure the success of the campaign. This could include information on how users get started using the app, user engagement while in the app, how users share app content via social media, and product purchases, providing deep insights into the lifetime value of app users. 

Apple iBeacon support – Now available is the ability to measure and respond to user engagement in mobile apps connected to iBeacons in sports stadiums, retail stores and other external venues. Analytics for Apple iBeacon enables the delivery of personalized content or offers to consumers on their mobile devices while they are shopping, browsing a trade show floor, or otherwise moving through the environment connected to iBeacons.

Read more: http://www.adobe.com/solutions/digital-marketing.h...

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