1. Zend Server 7 Now Available on Amazon Web Services
9/2/2014 6:54:13 PM
Zend Server 7 Now Available on Amazon Web Services
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Zend Server 7 Now Available on Amazon Web Services


Zend Server 7 Now Available on Amazon Web Services

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Zend Server 7 on Amazon Web Services (AWS) is now available, giving developers real time feedback on the quality of the code they’re writing.

In bringing Zend Server 7 to AWS, Zend has created Developer Edition, which lets developers simulate a production environment at affordable pricing.  On AWS, Developer Edition is available on four Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) for only $0.03 an hour.

The low pricing lets developers create sandbox environments that they can spin up or down with a minimal investment. And when the application is ready for production, developers can migrate the AMI to either Professional Edition or Enterprise Edition.

The commercial editions of Zend Server provide an enterprise class application platform for PHP, including full SLAs, clustering, and performance tuning options. Zend Server 7 is currently available on more than 12 AMIs, spanning the range from micro instances all the way to extra large virtual servers optimized for compute-intensive workloads.

Zend Server Z-Ray monitors requests to the web server and displays relevant, detailed and live information on a simple and intuitive Web page component in a browser. This information includes: PHP functions, SQL queries, sessions and cookie data, errors & warnings, server events, memory use, request execution time metrics, and more. 

Using Z-Ray, developers get insight into their PHP code, allowing them to inspect, debug and optimize their pages early on in the development cycle, long before they go into production. With Secure Mode, administrators can provide developers safe and restricted access to Z-Ray for pages in production applications. 

What Zend Server Does: 

- Helps developers write better code and solve issues long before their code reaches production (‘Left Shifting’)

- Automates all steps in the release of PHP applications, from code to production, including provisioning, versioning and rollback

- Optimizes performance through dynamic scaling, code acceleration, code and data caching, job queuing and more

- Helps to detect and fix production issues in applications, faster and with less disruption

- Improve the development productivity and application quality

- Release applications faster and more reliably

- Scale to handle changes in demand

- Accelerate the pace of application innovation

Zend Server PHP on AWS through a 30-day free trial.

Read more: http://www.zend.com/en/products/server

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