2/9/2015 12:45:30 PM
Zend Releases Z Ray for Magento, a PHP Application Debugging and Productivity Solution
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Zend Releases Z Ray for Magento, a PHP Application Debugging and Productivity Solution

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Enterprise Monday, February 9, 2015

Zend has released Z-Ray for Magento, a PHP debugging and productivity solution for real-time visibility into applications created with Magento. Z-Ray's "X-Ray vision" offers in-context visibility inside Magento applications, showing what happens when constructing each page.

Z-Ray displays all under-the-hood details and PHP requests involved in building a page. It provides information on blocks, events, functions, handles, observers, request properties, page requests, performance metrics, database query insight, session data and more.vZ-Ray is included within Zend Server 8, allowing developers to detect and fix issues and collaborate with operations staff to resolve production issues for Magento applications. 

Z-Ray for Magento offers the ability to: 

- Analyze errors and warnings.

- Get deep insight on blocks, events, functions, handles, observers, request properties.

- Identify database queries issues.

- Inspect page requests.

- Debug mobile app requests.

- Debug web services API calls.

- Get insight on URL performance.

For mobile app debugging, Z-Ray Live! delivers information on requests originating from native mobile clients and API calls providing the ability to see into the server-side execution of mobile app requests. Developers using Magento can create their own customized view in Z-Ray with the new Z-Ray Extensibility API to support any framework or application.

In addition to Z-Ray, Zend Server 8 offers a fully-integrated application platform for Magento applications based on a certified PHP stack. It provides real-time monitoring features, increased Web server and application performance, a new interface, higher application availability, scalability and clustering.

Z-Ray for Magento is available with Zend Server 8 now on Linux x86 and x86-64, Mac OS X, Windows x86 and x86-64. The Zend Server 8 development environment starts at $20 per month, or 3 cents an hour on Amazon Web Services. 

For more information on Z-Ray for Magento, visit the Zend website

Read more: http://www.zend.com/en/products/server/z-ray