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12/20/2016 3:47:37 PM
Why you should ditch traditional business software analysis
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Why you should ditch traditional business software analysis


Why you should ditch traditional business software analysis

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Competition between software companies is a fierce battle waged not with weapons, but with scalable, intuitive, and efficient solutions that can most effect their customer’s lives. The importance of a well coordinated and strategic approach to how you choose to execute your solution is perhaps one of the most fundamental necessities required to succeed in markets.

That’s why the need for products like Pneuron’s latest business orchestration software has become more popular for the continual improvement of enterprise software. Traditional methods of finding the overarching answers to business questions are long and tedious, many involving long processes of big data analytics, business intelligence reports, and process management systems. Whereas Pneuron looks to do away with this process in search of a better solution. With their product, companies can leverage their existing applications, infrastructure, services and data to create and deliver actionable intelligence directly into customer operations. Their innovation enables businesses to reduce the duration of project development cycles and lower the costs associated to the development processes.

Founded in 2010, Their software allows organizations to run distributed ‘pneurons’ that leverage their existing applications, infrastructure, services and data to create and deliver actionable intelligence. Through their distributed approach, companies are no longer faced with the complex centralization and integration requirements of traditional approaches.
Simon Moss
Simon Moss, CEO and
president of Pneuron

And with the latest release, enterprises are given an enhanced ability to innovate and make huge gains in their markets with new products, features and capabilities all with the security and scale modern business demands. Businesses using the product to create, deploy and manage intelligence, reports, applications, even operating models, can see great decreases in cost and time in comparison to competitive existing approaches.

“Pneuron has changed the game in terms of how enterprise solutions are designed and deployed -- cutting the time, cost and the risk of traditional centralized alternatives in half,” said Simon Moss, CEO and president of Pneuron.  “Release 1 exceeded every design, deployment and performance challenge it was given. Version 2 continues this remarkable breakthrough ability to solve business problems at a fraction of the time, cost and risk of anything before us.”

Key features:

- Robotic capability. Scripted execution of website interactions to automate manual data entry and results extraction. This reduces the manual burden for information gathering and introduces consistency and efficiency through automation.

- Scalability. Enhancements to dynamic scaling and auto deployment into diverse cloud environments. This allows the Pneuron server to seamlessly blend additional capacity from internal and external cloud environments to fluidly match workload requirements.

- MS Sharepoint, MS Exchange, and Unix Shell Scripts. Makes it easier than ever to configure and extend Pneuron to support and connect the entire enterprise ecosystem without coding.

- Input file parsing. Extends support for additional delimited file types including selectable client configured characters.

- ECM. New UI which allows customer-specified logos and URL links, as well as forms capability for manual input and network launch.

- BEA WebLogic. WebLogic support has been added as an alternative Web Server for Pneuron’s applications.

Read more: http://pneuron.com

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