1. What Does the iOS 8 Release Offer Mobile Developers
9/7/2014 6:34:25 AM
What Does the iOS 8 Release Offer Mobile Developers
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What Does the iOS 8 Release Offer Mobile Developers

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson in iOS Sunday, September 7, 2014

We have hosted several article discussing the upcoming Apple announcement, and in this article we examine insights provided by Phunware’s Candice Tally in her blog post “What Will iOS 8 Mean for Me and My App?”. 

As she points out, the new iOS operating system will provide users a number of aesthetic changes and performance enhancements. Users will receive a unique new UX experience, smart messaging and keyboards, lmproved location-tracking permissions as well as deep sharing and connectivity. 

For developers and app publishers gets even better as these new features increase user engagement. The new OS provides developers with: 

- Over 4000 new APIs. 
- Tools for increasing the reach of an app. 
- In-depth location monitoring and engagement. 
- More creative possibilities. 

Tally also goes into a discussion on how developers and publishers can specifically leverage the features of the new OS to increase monetization opportunities. These include notification actions and widgets to create richer experiences, seamless use of extended features to be integrated with an app, and functional changes occurring in the background.

The article goes into much detail and it available on the Phunware blog. Check it out!

Read more: http://www.phunware.com/mobile-solutions/what-will...