7/27/2013 10:30:53 AM
Weekly Roundup: Apple Developer Outage, Jellybean 4.3, Amazon and Windows Phone, Unity and Blackberry 10, and GDC 2014
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Weekly Roundup: Apple Developer Outage, Jellybean 4.3, Amazon and Windows Phone, Unity and Blackberry 10, and GDC 2014

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Mobile Tech Saturday, July 27, 2013

From the Editors Desk

This weekend is the last weekend before the August issue release and there has been no shortage of news to cover! From the Apple outage, to the Android 4.3 Jellybean update this week has been one for the books! We won't be publishing a podcast this week, while put all of our efforts towards putting the finishing touches on the August issue, but we'll return early next week with the show and have lots to talk about. Also, We are looking for guests who want to be a part of the podcast show, so if you are interested in joining the show please let us know. 

Top Stories for the week of 7/27/2013

Apple Developer Website Hacked!

In an unprecedented absence from the world, the Apple developer website (developer.apple.com) is going on a week of being offline to developers and the chatter is starting to come to a rumble as anxious apple developers await the re-opening of the portal that breathes life into many of their apps. It all started sometime last week when the developer website suddenly became inaccessible to tens of thousands of app developers around the world. I myself was in the middle of creating some new certificates when I noticed something had gone wrong. The official statement released by Apple over the weekend said there was a breach in some developers information - but not everyone was effected. Because of the security flaw found, they are rewritin... full story

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