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WaveMaker launches Studio WorkSpace Sync Plugin
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WaveMaker launches Studio WorkSpace Sync Plugin

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Low Code No Code Wednesday, October 3, 2018

A new Studio WorkSpace Sync Plugin has been announced by low code platform WaveMaker, Inc. giving developers the tools to develop and deploy their projects.

WaveMaker, Inc. has launched its Studio WorkSpace Sync Plugin with new capability that aims to further streamline the app coding process for developers. This should allow them to easily synchronize WaveMaker’s open-standards platform with various integrated development environments (IDEs) on their personal devices.

Rather than having to export and re-import projects between platforms, the Studio WorkSpace Sync Plugin provides a direct communication channel where changes can be instantly pushed between WaveMaker and an IDE. This also eliminates the need to copy and paste code, a time-intensive, tedious, and error-inducing method that can slow down the DevOps process.

Developers can leverage the Studio WorkSpace Sync Plugin in three main ways:

  • Pull the latest project changes from WaveMaker: This command can be used to ensure that the latest changes made to a project on the WaveMaker platform are applied to IDE code. This includes both committed and uncommitted changes to the project.
  • Push IDE changes to WaveMaker: All IDE changes are instantly pushed to the WaveMaker platform.
  • Synchronize a project: This command works in two steps: first, the latest changes made to the project on the WaveMaker platform are applied to IDE code. After both the IDE and WaveMaker versions of the project are in the same state, the Studio WorkSpace Sync Plugin pushes any IDE changes back to WaveMaker.

The Studio WorkSpace Sync Plugin is the latest component of WaveMaker’s ongoing commitment to providing developers the tools they need to efficiently develop and deploy applications while leveraging the benefits of granular customization capabilities and third-party platform integration.


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