1. VersionOne Releases Updates to Agile Lifecycle Management Platform
4/25/2016 4:07:21 PM
VersionOne Releases Updates to Agile Lifecycle Management Platform
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VersionOne Releases Updates to Agile Lifecycle Management Platform

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Agile Monday, April 25, 2016

VersionOne has announced its Spring 2016 Release of its VersionOne Lifecycle, an agile lifecycle management platform. The platform supports Scrum, Kanban, XP, SAFe, hybrid and other development methodologies. It offers an integrated platform that provides over 70 pre-built integrations to commercial and open-source development tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse, Git, Bugzilla and more.

Highlights of VersionOne’s Spring 2016 Release include:

Program Board: Coordinate efforts and visualize cross-team dependencies at the portfolio item level across each iteration in a release. These visualizations help teams avoid risks and delays that often result from unforeseen dependencies with other teams.

PI Planning: Plan complex, multi-team releases on a single screen with flexible, interactive team assignment and context sensitive filtering of backlog items during large-scale planning sessions
WSJF Ranking: Rank portfolio items, epics, features, and capabilities based on the cost of delay. The cost of delay algorithm is based on estimated business value, risk reduction, time criticality, and effort.

DeliveryStream: Give teams the ability to trigger pre-configured Continuum actions within Lifecycle work items.

Continuum Product Workflow: Define the workflow for any product that is defined in Continuum and visualize the development phases.

Continuum Work Item History Visualization – See a visual representation of all the steps and automation in which a particular work item has participated, all in a single place.

ALM Connect: Connect VersionOne to the world’s most popular application lifecycle management (ALM) systems and manage the integrations from one web-based interface. ALM Connect provides visibility and coordination across today’s complex development processes and heterogeneous environments. 

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