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vAds by Mobfox introduced to developers
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vAds by Mobfox introduced to developers

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Monetize Monday, December 10, 2012

Introducing vAds

MobFox mobile advertising network has released a groundbreaking mobile ad unit for Android and iOS: vAds. The introduction of the persuasive power of HD quality, instant play video to mobile advertising combined with a HTML5 interactive overlay makes vAds one of the most dynamic mobile advertising formats available today.

Interactive engagement

The MobFox HTML5 overlay makes the vAd totally interactive. In addition to player controls, this transparent, interactive overlay can also give the user the ability to download apps, register interest, or share the video via social media links, without leaving the app.

Instant Play Technology

The MobFox vAd SDK can be implemented inside iOS and Android applications. It starts pre- caching the video when the app is opened. Once the user reaches the point where an ad is to be shown, (eg. completing a game level or loading additional app content,) the 15 - 30 second video spot plays instantly in HD sight and sound. Pre-caching ensures a smooth, professional, instantaneous experience for the app user.

Tracking and Analytics

The MobFox tracking and analytics dashboard records all campaign KPIs thus allowing advertisers to optimize campaigns in real-time for elements such as: all views, both partial and completed, video replays and skips, click throughs, app downloads and conversion rates.

Quick & Easy to get Started for Publishers and Advertisers

Publishers can start displaying mobile video ads inside their mobile applications on iOS and Android by integrating the MobFox vAd SDKs. This takes about 30 minutes. Publisher pilots have shown the new video ad format generated more than 5 fold increase in effective Cost Per Mille (eCPM) than traditional banner ads. Advertisers just need to send us their raw digital video advert and relevant link urls.

Performance and Brand

The combination of the persuasive HD video format with interactivity and superior tracking ensures the vAd unit can work equally well for brand and performance marketers. Whether optimizing to a CPI target, or brand building and defining, a vAd is the ideal

medium to attract and engage consumer attention. Julian Zehetmayr, Founder and CEO of MobFox commented, “I am delighted with the response we've had to vAds. We devised the vAd format in response to advertisers' desire for more persuasive ad units. By meeting this demand, we've helped Publishers to earn more. Consumer response has been positive too. Video advertising is clearly here to stay".

“Video on Mobile phones and tablets is growing like crazy,” explains Rob Crumpler, CEO and founder of Altrooz Mobile, a leading app discovery platform. “The performance we've seen with Mobfox's new vAds is phenomenal. Users love the unique overlay formats, top-tier advertisers are reaching high-quality users in a very engaging way and driving tons of Game and App downloads, and publishers are enjoying very healthy eCPMs. Mobfox has knocked it out of the park with their new vAds. ”

About MobFox

Founded by young entrepreneur Julian Zehetmayr, in Vienna 2010, MobFox has quickly grown to become one of the world’s largest mobile advertising networks for Android and iOS.

Currently serving over 20 billion ad impressions to over 12,000 publishers and growing, our rapid success can be attributed to our innovative tools developed and tailored for clients needs on both sides of our network. The combination of our leading ad formats, precise targeting and high caliber tracking and precision optimization ensures superb results and fantastic value for our publishers and advertisers

Read more: http://www.mobfox.com

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