1. Using Continuous Intelligence for Real Time Machine Data Analytics
2/9/2016 7:00:35 AM
Using Continuous Intelligence for Real Time Machine Data Analytics
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Using Continuous Intelligence for Real Time Machine Data Analytics

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Richard Harris Richard Harris

The sophistication of business analytics continues to grow exponentially as companies introduce more robust and advanced analytics solutions. One such company is Sumo Logic, which offers a SaaS-based log analytics platform which analyzes terabytes of data in real-time.

We visited with Christian Beedgen, Sumo Logic’s CTO, to learn about his company’s “Continuous Intelligence” approach which allows enterprises to build analytical power that takes daily operations and turns them into intelligent business decisions. He also discusses a real world example of how Sumo Logic’s customers are using the platform to analyze traffic patterns, user activity and proactively identify potential security threats.

ADM: What does Sumo Logic do? 

Beedgen: Sumo Logic provides secure, cloud-native, data analytics delivering real-time, continuous intelligence across an organization's entire infrastructure and application stack. Sumo Logic offers customers a service with unparalleled scalability as well as seamless cloud-to-cloud integrations to help simplify setup and deliver business and operational insights for DevOps, IT ops and security and compliance teams. 

ADM: What is Continuous Intelligence? 

Beedgen: Fundamentally, Continuous Intelligence is Sumo Logic’s approach to providing real-time, machine data analytics that generate business and operational insights to drive competitive advantage, business value and growth. We deliver Continuous Intelligence to our customers through an always-on, current, scaling, elastic and secure service. 
Christian Beedgen of Sumo

Continuous Intelligence also leverages built-in, advanced analytics, uncovering patterns and anomalies across an organization’s entire infrastructure and application stack. By delivering Continuous Intelligence to our customers we are helping them operate and innovate in the cloud with security and confidence, while accelerating their shift to continuous innovation to increase competitive advantage, business value and growth. 

ADM: How are organizations benefitting from Continuous Intelligence? What problem is it solving?

Beedgen: Our approach to Continuous Intelligence enables all organizations, regardless of size and resources, to embrace 24/7 innovation and keep a competitive edge. We provide a true SaaS elastic model that accelerates the migration to the cloud and operations in dynamic infrastructures, including native AWS integrations, full stack visibility, advanced machine learning analytics, and security confidence in order to help IT teams overcome the traditional barriers of innovating as quickly as their users’ demands.

ADM: Can you share an example of a customer story that is using Sumo Logic to get real-time insights to help drive their business?

Beedgen: One of our newest customers Ibotta, is a great example. The company provides a mobile app that pays shoppers cash-back on their everyday purchases and works with some of the leading retailers in the country. They are using Sumo Logic to simplify cloud audits and strengthen its security posture through a comprehensive view across the AWS network, server and application stack. 

With Sumo Logic, Ibotta can now quickly analyze traffic patterns, user activity and proactively identify potential security threats via anomaly detection to protect its platform and users.

ADM: How is Ibotta using Sumo Logic?

Beedgen: Ibotta is using Sumo Logic primarily for security and root cause analysis investigations. However, as the company standardizes on our platform and finds new use cases over the coming months, they’ll also be more easily able to meet industry compliance regulations.

ADM: Why did Ibotta select Sumo Logic?

Beedgen: Before selecting Sumo Logic, Ibotta didn’t have a unified log management solution in place, which limited its team's ability to resolve issues quickly and support rapid business growth. While Ibotta looked at other solutions, Sumo Logic was the only one able to meet their needs and scale with their business.

ADM: How will Sumo Logic help Ibotta better meet compliance regulations?

Beedgen: Sumo Logic’s application for PCI compliance is a natural addition for Ibotta and will help the company meet the stringent PCI Data Security Standards. The compliance technology combines the power of the underlying Sumo Logic platform to detect anomalous events in real time and reduce Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) by turning logs into meaningful patterns to help strengthen Ibotta’s security and compliance posture.

ADM: What else can you tell us about the benefits Sumo Logic offers customers like Ibotta?

Beedgen: The Sumo Logic approach helps companies like Ibotta take advantage of the power of  machine data to start improving their business by accelerating application troubleshooting, root cause analysis, and monitoring, improving IT infrastructure operations and strengthening security and compliance posture.

Read more: https://www.sumologic.com/how-it-works/

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