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5/21/2016 1:01:38 PM
Updates to TIBCO Analytics Include New Apache Spark and IoT Functionality
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Updates to TIBCO Analytics Include New Apache Spark and IoT Functionality


Updates to TIBCO Analytics Include New Apache Spark and IoT Functionality

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Richard Harris Richard Harris

TIBCO Software has released a number of new updates to its analytics platforms, including new data wrangling features in TIBCO Spotfire, new code-free Operational Intelligence dashboards in TIBCO LiveView Web, a new developer community and component exchange, a new Accelerator package for Apache Spark and the IoT, and  improved embedded business intelligence (BI) support in TIBCO Jaspersoft.

TIBCO's analytics platform focuses on leveraging analytics for augmented intelligence to augment human experience and intellect through visual, advanced, embedded and, streaming analytics solutions to offer a pragmatic approach to cognitive computing. Following are specifics on the new updates to the company’s platform.

New Built-in Data Wrangling and Preparation in the Spotfire Cloud-Scale Enterprise Architecture

TIBCO Spotfire has integrated new self-service data preparation, management, and utilization functionality to further extend the platform’s dynamic analytics capabilities. It provides a code-free interface to access, manipulate, improve, and catalog different data sources.

The inline datawrangling functionality in Spotfire is built-in, so it requires no third-party coordination for data preparation. The Spotfire 2016 platform is DevOps and cloud-ready, with re-configured routing and administrative functions and a re-architected HTML5-based client to scale on all devices, anywhere, including the new Spotfire client for iOS and new advanced geo-analytics applications.

New Accelerator for Apache Spark and the IoT

The new Accelerator for Spark includes five subsystems: 

- Connector: A set of over 30 open source adapters for edge connection to IoT and enterprise data.

- Digester: A stream data preparation layer.

- Finder: A predictive model discovery template based on Spotfire software.

- Automator: A streaming analytics-based automation engine for Apache Spark ML and H2O.

- Tracker: To monitor predictive models and automatically invoke model retraining. 

New Code-Free Operational Intelligence with TIBCO LiveView Web and Streaming Analytics

TIBCO LiveView Web 1.1 is a code-free HTML5 operational-intelligence dashboard development platform for use with the TIBCO Live Datamart, which includes connectivity to TIBCO's complete Fast Data catalog. The platform's Continuous Query Processor allows applications to query streaming data into the future. 

TIBCO LiveView Web 1.1 provides a drag-and-drop interface, enables the creation of live visual dashboards for operational users, and includes integrated access to TIBCO StreamBase streaming analytics, TIBCO BusinessEvents, and an array of both TIBCO and third-party applications and systems. 

Live Datamart users using LiveView Desktop or LiveView Web can access operational intelligence from any browser. Additionally, companies can extend or customize their users' experience by adding plug-ins to LiveView Web, or building their custom interfaces using Java, .NET or JavaScript.

New Business App Developer Community and Component Exchange

TIBCO has created a new developer community space for sharing end-user-driven technical expertise, insights, and Wiki articles. The new TIBCO Component Exchange and Marketplace Network also features a free app store for components and products that are based on TIBCO products, and a new product-management tool for more transparent product input and customer-generated roadmap insight.

Read more: http://www.tibco.com/products/analytics

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