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Updates to Google Cloud Platform Include New Version of Mobile Backend Starter and Google Cloud Endpoints GA Version
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Updates to Google Cloud Platform Include New Version of Mobile Backend Starter and Google Cloud Endpoints GA Version

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson in Android Monday, November 11, 2013

As the Google Cloud continues to woo developers, an announcement has been made that Google Cloud Endpoints has now moved to general availability and a new version of Mobile Backend Starter is now available.

Google Cloud Endpoints
Google Cloud Endpoints helps developers build their own backend offering a simple way to create, expose and consume APIs served from App Engine. Simple annotations turn native Java and Python code into APIs that can be deployed and consumed by Android, iOS and web clients. Deployed APIs gain the resilience and scalability that other Google APIs have with features like DoS protection, OAuth support and client key management.

Client developers on Android, iOS and web can use automatically generated client libraries for API access. Cloud Endpoints libraries take a lot of the complexity away by handling marshaling and unmarshaling, authentication and key verification.

Mobile Backend Starter
Developers interested in a ready-made solution can utilize the new version of the Mobile Backend Starter (MBS) which is now available with support for large media files in addition to updated iOS and Android clients. MBS is a one-click deployable, complete mobile backend built on Cloud Endpoints which provides a ready-to-use, cloud backend and client-side framework for Android and iOS.

MBS includes a server that stores data with App Engine and a client library and sample app for Android and iOS to access that data. Developers can also use the built-in support for Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) for Android, Apple Push Notifications (APN) for iOS and continuous queries to notify an app of events. MBS also includes built-in support for Google Authentication to keep user data secure.

Many mobile applications let users view and upload videos and high resolution images which requires storing and serving of the content. MBS now provides the ability to easily manage user-isolated and secure access to data in Cloud Storage directly from an iOS or Android application, with no server coding required. Downloading images and other files is simple. Start with obtaining a secure download URL and then use standard client libraries to download bytes from Google Cloud Storage. MBS will authenticate the caller and check if it is allowed to download the file.

Google has updated the template mobile clients as well. Both Android and iOS display an updated user interface and the Android client sports the newest version of Google Cloud Messaging.

For more information visit the link below.

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