1. Turn any room into an interactive meeting space with BlueJeans Huddle
12/27/2016 11:07:41 AM
Turn any room into an interactive meeting space with BlueJeans Huddle
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Turn any room into an interactive meeting space with BlueJeans Huddle


Turn any room into an interactive meeting space with BlueJeans Huddle

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Video has become pervasive across consumers’ lives, thanks to technologies like Snapchat, Facebook Live, Instagram and YouTube. But, adoption in the enterprise has been slower to take root, due to roadblocks like cost and usability. BlueJeans Network has set out to change this with introduction of a new cloud-connected video system that works as soon as you walk into a room.

The BlueJeans Huddle system is a combination of standard hardware and BlueJeans proprietary software that can turn any room into an interactive meeting space for a fraction of the cost of legacy in-room systems. Currently an average of eight to 15 minutes of every video meeting is wasted getting participants connected. BlueJeans Huddle democratizes video by freeing employees from difficult to navigate systems and giving them an in-meeting experience they will love.

Given that there are 30-50 million meeting and breakout rooms primed to become video-enabled within the next few years, the land grab is on. BlueJeans is taking on legacy players such as Cisco, Microsoft and Adobe for the lion’s share of this multi-billion dollar market. With a system as easy to use as BlueJeans Huddle, offered for a compelling price, and that works with equipment already in place, the company makes a strong case.

“BlueJeans was founded on the belief that video is a transformative technology - one of the greatest communications tools of our time. And it shouldn’t be limited to corporate boardrooms,” said Lori Wright, CMO of BlueJeans Networks. “With BlueJeans Huddle, we want to make video so easy and cost-effective that any member of a company can walk into any space and simply start a meeting. No touch required, no problems, no technical glitches, no strain on IT. We foresee a video-first world where every company relies on live video to conduct business, and BlueJeans Huddle is a great step towards achieving this.”

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