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Trillion Dollar Market wants Developers What you need to know to get into building for Health Care
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Trillion Dollar Market wants Developers What you need to know to get into building for Health Care

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The inaugural Health:Refactored conference, a code and design focused event, is taking place May 13-14 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA. 

Health:Refactored is bringing together an impressive (and fun) list of technologists, design experts, hacktivists, coders, and health industry luminaries. Health:Refactored will provide core tools, information and real-world guidance to serve as a bridge for developers and designers creating next-generation apps, products and services that cater to the three trillion dollar health care market. 

This conference includes a mix of API workshops (from Microsoft, Intel, Walgreens, and many others) and interactive sessions that are unfiltered and designed to encourage attendees to roll up their sleeves and turn on their problem solving skills. The “Open Mic Soapbox” is a designated place where attendees can rant and rave and engage with each other in freeform brainstorming to collaborate on how to solve big problems still unaddressed in health care. “Solving Stations” will be open throughout the conference where attendees can drop by to meet up with experts who will be available to work with developers and designers to navigate their toughest challenges.

This year is already on pace to be a record one in digital health funding: RockHealth reports that in Q1 a total of $545 million in financing was funneled into health startups and technologies across 126 deals, for an average deal size of $4.33 million. The convergence of government and private industry, coupled with the massive adoption of mobile devices, big data and the cloud, and a rise in user-driven data creation and sharing generates enormous incentive and opportunity to transform health care.

Health:Refactored’s lineup of speakers includes: 

Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur turned CTO of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Bryan Sivak, who will share the government’s plan to attract entrepreneurs and drive health tech innovation through widespread data access and dissemination.
Sean Nolan, Distinguished Engineer & Chief Architect at Microsoft HealthVault, will give a keynote presentation on pilot programs and strategies for scaling “meaningful” patient engagement.  
Gretchen Wustrack, Lead, Active Health, IDEO will discuss utilizing human relationships for health tech design
Aza Raskin, VP of Jawbone, will talk about questions designers must ask in order to design great health care apps.
Esther Dyson, investor in 23andMe, HealthTap and Omada Health, will discuss the intersection of health care, big data and tech innovation. 

Read more: http://www.health2con.com/events/conferences/healt...


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