1. Top Developer Hiring Trends Show Needs for Python, Java, JavaScript Front end, HTML, CSS, and Ruby
3/16/2015 12:15:26 PM
Top Developer Hiring Trends Show Needs for Python, Java, JavaScript Front end, HTML, CSS, and Ruby
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Top Developer Hiring Trends Show Needs for Python, Java, JavaScript Front end, HTML, CSS, and Ruby

Monday, March 16, 2015

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson

The job market for developers continues to sizzle as companies ramp up hiring to meet expanding needs for a number of growing markets. Each week the Hired.com platform, which connects developers with job offers from top companies, analyzes the results of company engagement with developers on its platform. 

Due to the large number of companies actively recruiting on the site, the platform’s analytics provides a top barometer for trends within the developer job market.

For the first week of March, Hired.com experienced 1,445 offers on its platform. The company has created a unique interactive visualization graphic that provides the ability to look at each position offered for the previous week - including the job type, specific skills required, company type, and salary range. 

Below are numbers extracted from this analysis. For a deeper look, you can search and view details on each of the 1,445 jobs provided in the graphic as well as view other statistical information from the platform here.

Offered here is a snapshot of analytics offered from the Hired.com platform.

Full Stack and Backend were top job types:

37.3%: Full Stack
30.6%: Backend
15.5%: Mobile
4.2%: Frontend 
2.2%: Data Scientist

85% of the job offers on the platform were for salaries at more than $100,000 - with 15% for $150,000+:

39.2%: $125 – 150K
30.5%-: $100 – 125K
14.6%: $151 – 175K
7.5%: $75 – $100K 
6.1%: $50 – 75K
1.9%: $175K

Companies with Series A and B funding represented over 64% of those using the Hired.com platform:

35.9%: Series A
29.0%: Series B
22.0%: Seed
6.6%: Major Corporation
5.8%: Bootstrapped

The most desired job skills by companies hiring on the Hired.com platform included Python, Java, JavaScript Frontend, HTML/CSS, and Ruby. The percentages broken down here add up to over 100% because many job offers required multiple skills:

40.4%: Python
39.1%: Java
38.6%: JavaScript
27.9%: HTML/CSS
24.7%: Ruby
24.0%: JavaScript Node
18.9%: C/C++/Hardware
17.0%: Eng Management
16.0% Android
12.8%: iOS
12.7%: PHP
10.4%: .Net
8.7%: DevOps
8.2%: Scala
4.7%: QA/Security/Test
2.1%: UX/UI Design
1.8%: Sales Engineer
0.09%: Product Management
0.04%: Data Science

Top hires also saw a lucrative bonus structure for joining companies with over 13% receiving bonuses up to $35,000. Also, each developer who accepts a job on the platform receives an additional bonus of $2,000 from Hired.com upon the completion of the hiring process.

More than 2,000 companies use the platform and Hired.com has offered a separate interactive visualization graphic which lists each company recruiting on the platform during the previous week with information about each company.

Read more: https://hired.com/?utm_source=sponsor&utm_medium=a...

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