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3/15/2023 10:43:32 AM
The future of ChatGPT
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The future of ChatGPT

Artificial Intelligence

The future of ChatGPT

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Brittany Hainzinger Brittany Hainzinger

Kamales Lardi gives insight into the future of AI and ChatGPT and explains why incorporating ChatGPT into Microsoft products will augment the power of existing tools making it possible to produce text in response to straightforward natural language queries, recommend email responses, and tons more.

ChatGPT has made waves recently garnering over 100 million users but where is the technology headed over the next year? Award-winning global tech leader Kamales Lardi shares insights on the future of AI and ChatGPT.

"It's expected that advances in machine learning and natural language processing will keep enhancing the capabilities of language models like ChatGPT. The ability of language models to comprehend and produce human-like language, as well as to do increasingly difficult tasks like producing code or writing extensive articles, should continue to advance over the course of the upcoming year."

The future of ChatGPT and AI

"Additionally, in order to deploy language models in a larger variety of applications, OpenAI, and other groups may endeavor to make them more effective and accessible. It is also feasible that improvements in language model training methods, such as the use of more varied training data and the inclusion of ethical considerations in the creation process, will be made. This might lead to language models that are better able to handle delicate subjects and prevent the spread of damaging biases.

Overall, language models are probably going to keep developing and getting better, providing new and interesting prospects for companies, researchers, and consumers alike.

By incorporating ChatGPT into Microsoft product offerings, we will augment the power of existing tools (Office suite of productivity technologies, including Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint).

By integrating ChatGPT with Microsoft tools, it may be possible to accomplish everything from producing text in response to straightforward natural language queries and recommending email responses, to translating text and analyzing data in Excel. It will certainly have a big influence to provide the typical company's daily text output emails, presentations, and reports a significant boost."

Kamales Lardi

Kamales Lardi

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