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10/3/2017 4:01:39 PM
The blockchain for mobile adtech BAEX by Acquired.io
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The blockchain for mobile adtech BAEX by Acquired.io


The blockchain for mobile adtech BAEX by Acquired.io

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Blockchain solution for mobile ad marketers, Blockchain Advertising Extensions, has been released by Acquired.io.

Acquired.io has announced Blockchain Advertising Extensions (BAEX), the first blockchain-powered solution that enables new types of deals, like trading targeting data and using data outside social platforms to target users at scale. As part of this initiative, a BAEX token sale is planned to take place later this year.

There are new types of transactions that Blockchain can enable which were not available at scale before as they required additional trust between parties. 

For example, some of the types of transactions that are will be possible with BAEX include:

  • Trading lookalike audiences based on user data
  • Targeting users who demonstrate relevant signals, such as paying users
  • Revenue share based deals

Let’s consider a Lookalike Audience, a way to reach new people who are likely to be interested in your mobile application because they're similar to your best existing users. Lookalike Audience is a very powerful tool for targeting on Facebook and other social platforms. We want to make it possible to create a Lookalike Audience for any application, which can be used on any platform, not only popular social platforms, which is challenging when it is done outside of a single ecosystem like Facebook.

BAEX acts as a decentralized data management platform (dDMP), which means it aggregates a large amount of data in order to predict user behavior and to provide targeting. Using BAEX, the advertiser can target Lookalike Audiences across many publishers without having to manually negotiate deals with each one or question whether or not they can trust one another.

“We believe blockchain can redefine the way companies buy advertising, enabling new types of deals, like Lookalike Audiences, across a broader spectrum of channels. This would improve advertiser’s targeting capabilities while giving app developers the ability to monetize their users’ behavioral data at no risk to their business,” said Andrey Kazakov, founder and CEO of Acquired.io. “It makes sense to begin this journey with a data solution for two reasons. First, data can already be used for better targeting, but we need a way to organize it properly. Second, existing ad infrastructure outside of the large social platforms are well positioned to be leveraged for these use cases.”

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