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11/22/2018 5:03:18 AM
The best Thanksgiving 2018 game that makes you look busy
Thanksgiving 2018
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The best Thanksgiving 2018 game that makes you look busy


The best Thanksgiving 2018 game that makes you look busy

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Christian Hargrave Christian Hargrave

The best Thanksgiving 2018 app - or game if you want to call it that, named Turkey Plucker is oddly addictive, and causes uncontrolled outbursts.

Want some Thanksgiving fun this year? The Turkey plucker game seems like a completely useless game where you pluck the feathers from a turkey as fast as you can, and you keep plucking until your fingers bleed - or you simply give up! But under the hood is an addictive and unique gameplay style, that keeps you hooked - plucking turkey for hours it seems.

Turkey Plucker for Thanksgiving 2018 will make you laugh and help you look busy with family around

The turkey plucker game has been around for years now and has undergone a few different releases. But the overall mechanics of the game have never changed. Something about plucking a bird entices the inner beast. Call it weird, but getting past the first turkey  and scoring more and more birds is a satisfying revenge on the one day of the year I actually look forward to eating it!

The best Thanksgiving 2018 mobile game where you pluck the feathers off the turkey

And interestingly enough - it's the only game like it. I've looked around and while there is no shortage of Thanksgiving apps, and games. None are dedicated to the first primal step in preparing a turkey -

So here's an ode to the only game in the entire app store, dedicated to plucking a turkey.

Download Turkey Plucker here


Happy Thanksgiving from App Developer Magazine

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