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10/28/2015 9:16:45 AM
Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud Offers Expanded Integrated Solutions
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Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud Offers Expanded Integrated Solutions

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Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud Offers Expanded Integrated Solutions

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson

Teradata Marketing Applications, a division of Teradata, has released the latest version of the Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud, a data hub comprising integrated solutions to improve customer engagement through data-driven integrated marketing.

The Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud is a fully integrated platform comprising solutions for Marketing Resource Management, Omni-Channel Marketing, Marketing Analytics and Digital Marketing. Teradata’s platform unifies interactions across outbound, real-time, and audience marketing, and unifies data across anonymous and known customers all on a single modular platform.  

Teradata’s solution will also connect to proprietary data stored in an Integrated Data Warehouse (IDW), directly integrate to email and mobile response data through Teradata Digital Marketing Center (DMC), and offer native integration with other Teradata solutions. The new capabilities offer solutions for: 

- Aligning advertising with customer marketing.
- Driving agility in the marketing process.
- Making upgrades a thing of the past.
- Visualizing real-time interactions.
- Leveraging Smart Content Decisioning.
- Hyper-personalizing mobile and social interactions.
- Extending a marketer’s social reach.
- Using both data-driven and analytics-driven customer insights.
- Engaging with these solutions via new “marketing-friendly” user interfaces.

Marketing Resource Management

Teradata’s Marketing Resource Management solution helps show the business value of marketing efforts by connecting campaign results with internal operations and spend.  The release offers:

- One global view on a scalable, fully integrated and flexible marketing platform that lets marketers plan and control marketing activities. 

- Task Inbox for a more efficient review and approval process, easing adoption and improving the overall user experience.

- Marketing Calendar improvements.

Omni-Channel Marketing

Teradata’s Omni-Channel Marketing solution helps create customer-interaction strategies by leveraging integrated insights and improving all online and offline engagements. Omni-Channel Marketing capabilities include:

- Visual Planner for easier mapping of real-time interaction strategies.

- Smart Content Decisioning, a self-learning engine to drive relevant content within emails, and help achieve higher click-through and conversion rates.

- Insights Count Report, which provides the ability to “see” the impact segmentation criteria has on leads produced, and adjust in real-time to reach the optimum number of consumers to engage them at the right time, via the right channel, with the right offers.

- More social and mobile capabilities, as well as barcodes/coupons, automated A/B testing, improved digital content previews, expanded mobile response data, and an enhanced ability to personalize transactional emails.

Marketing Analytics

Teradata’s new release now provides access to integrated data as well as integrated analytics. Users can drill into campaign results to understand, plan and adjust campaigns to optimize spend and maximize return on marketing investment. Functionality includes:

- Data Management Platform (DMP) that provides the ability to collect online and offline data across all channels including paid, earned and owned into a single solution that tracks the entire customer journey merging the worlds of known and anonymous customers and prospects, and drive both advertising and customer marketing using a single cloud-based SaaS solution.

- Unified Interaction Management, meaning Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud now includes ad impression data from search and display advertising; web behavioral data (such as content viewed and conversion tracking), and digital marketing data from email, social, and mobile channels.  All of this data can be used to individualize the customer experience across every channel via outbound, real-time and audience marketing programs.

Digital Marketing

Teradata’s updated Digital Marketing solution incorporates email, mobile, social, web, app and micro-location marketing, advertising, segmentation and analytics. It helps engage with individuals across paid, earned and owned channels through an open, integrated platform to identify each individual and deliver the right message at the best time through the preferred channel.  New features include:

- Social Audiences to create specific audiences based on existing contacts within DMC to enhance targeting and improve ad performance across social networks.  

- Advanced Behavioral Targeting seamlessly enriches DMC with customer web behavioral information, enabling additional and richer segmentation possibilities.

- Micro-Location Marketing bridges online and offline worlds via iBeacon support technology and drives cross-channel experiences in real-time with responsive relevance for each individual customer.

- Instagram Integration extends marketing management capabilities within DMC by monitoring, engaging, and measuring social interactions across Instagram, along with existing DMC-supported social properties such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  

- Expanded Mobile Push capabilities like extended send-out customization and A/B Split Testing. 

Read more: http://marketing.teradata.com/US/Solutions/

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