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Tackle big data from space at Space App Camp
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Tackle big data from space at Space App Camp

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Big Data Monday, June 25, 2018

The European Space Agency (ESA) is inviting 20 committed developers to its Space App Camp, a free event scheduled for 17-24 September 2018 at ESRIN, ESA’s Centre for Earth observation (EO), in Frascati, Italy.

Big data from space such as the EO program Copernicus and the ESA Sentinel satellites provides tremendous amounts of data to many industry sectors. This big data from space offers countless opportunities in connection with mobile apps: From space, our planet’s atmosphere, land, and water can be continuously monitored for multiple application fields.
To make EO data and services accessible to a wide range of citizens, ESA’s Space App Camp from 17-24 September 2018 in Frascati, Italy, invites developers from across Europe to exchange new ideas with like-minded people and tackle some of the world’s greatest challenges. ESA will also be taking care of food & beverage, hotel and flight expenses. Interested developers are able to register online as individuals or teams (of up to four people) until 30 July 2018. The selection criteria will include the applicants’ previous programming work. The winner or winning teams will receive a EUR 2,500 cash prize and the opportunity to apply for further incubation at one of the ESA Business Incubation Centres (BIC’s).

The ESA App Camp objective is to introduce app developers to Copernicus, creating awareness for the numerous possibilities EO data offers to enrich mobile apps. Participants learn about the many ways how big data from space can be utilised in mobile apps, using a dedicated API for EO data. Additionally, they will make contacts all over Europe and gain insights into how ESA operates.
Daniele De Vecchi, CTO, Ticinum Aerospace says, "The ESA Space App Camp created the opportunity to get EO experts, developers and application experts in the same place working on a common idea. This is fantastic! Therefore, we strongly advise young innovators to join the Space App Camp, meet fellow visionaries and start developing their business ideas based on EO satellites." 
Ticinum Aerospace, with its app called Saturnalia, was the winner of the Space App Camp 2016, demonstrating how EO can play a foreground role in different fields. Ticinum was inspired by the landscape in Frascati and designed a system to monitor vine growth from space and from ground, based on key parameters like temperature, soil moisture and vegetation status. Recently Ticinum Aerospace signed a partnership agreement with Terre d’Oltrepò, a consortium of 800 grape growers, delivering around 43,000 tonnes of grapes turned into wine.
Since its inception seven years ago, about 420 developers from 30 countries have applied for the Space App Camps, and more than 45 apps have been developed. Working in teams, they will be tasked with developing innovative apps and feasible business models for one of five subject areas: smart farming, sustainable development, future living, smart cities and digital transport.

Read more: http://www.app-camp.eu/frascati

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