4/6/2015 9:11:58 AM
Synacor Releases New Cloud ID Identity Management Platform
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Synacor Releases New Cloud ID Identity Management Platform

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Programming Monday, April 6, 2015

Synacor has released a new Cloud ID Software Development Kit (SDK) which allows authentication for any mobile app. Synacor's Cloud ID identity management platform provides authentication services for video, messaging, premium services and mobile apps allowing app developers and programmers the ability to provide a secure identity management solution for their end-consumers.

Using the SDK MVPDs, programmers and OTT providers benefit from faster time-to-market, reduced development costs, access to a rich user profile to personalize the experience, and fraud management.

The new SDK provides the following:

- Support for iOS and Android native apps
- Auto Authentication for consumer in-home access to media with no credentials required
- Social Login via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ sign-in
- Fraud management and attack prevention

Additional features soon to be released include out-of-home Auto Authentication and Single Sign-On across mobile apps, allowing consumers to access multiple apps without needing to re-enter their credentials.

Read more: http://synacor.com/products-services/cloud-id/