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8/26/2014 2:56:59 PM
Superpowered Audio SDK for iOS and Android Mobile App Development
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Superpowered Audio SDK for iOS and Android Mobile App Development

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Superpowered Audio SDK for iOS and Android Mobile App Development

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Richard Harris Richard Harris

As the folks at Superpowered point out, when considering audio, desktop software and mobile are different animals. Aside from the many UI/UX concerns, the low-power mobile environment is a full of unique obstacles for apps and software with high-quality audio needs.

Resource-hungry audio transformations and algorithms which can run effectively unconstrained on high-power desktop CPUs do not play well on mobile devices, taking up a disproportionate amounts of CPU processing time with unacceptable latencies and sapping battery life.

Instead of shoehorning desktop audio libraries onto mobile devices, Superpowered has created an audio library designed from scratch for the constrained mobile chipset environment using fewer CPU cycles and significantly less power. Superpowered accomplishes this using patent-pending DSP optimization technology to achieve desktop grade performance on mobile devices, resulting in studio-grade Pro Audio sound and efficient processing without compromise in audio quality.

For example, Superpowered technology uses less than half the power of Apple’s Core Audio and is more than twice as fast as Apple’s vDSP. The Superpowered Audio SDK empowers developers to remove CPU resource limitations and develop cross-platform audio for iOS, Android and wearable devices.

The Superpowered Audio SDK includes:

- Demo app and code

- DJ/Crossfader app and code

- Superpowered AAC, MP3, WAV and AIFF decoders, and an audio file decoder wrapper

- Superpowered simple audio file player (start/stop, seek, resampler for various sample rates)

- Superpowered advanced file player (cue points, time stretching, scratching, looping, etc.)

- FX: echo, flanger, gate, reverb, roll, whoosh, 3 band equalizer, lo-fi, biquad IIR filters (low-pass, high-pass, bandpass, high-shelf, low-shelf, parametric, notch)

- Resampler with frequency-domain time stretching and pitch shifting, with transient handling

- FFT functions: Complex, real and real-polar (works with magnitudes and phases). In-place and out-of-place. Real sizes: 32 to 8192. Complex sizes: 16 to 4096. Power of 2 only.

Read more: http://superpowered.com/superpowered-audio-sdk-for...

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