1. Stack Overflow for Teams launches
5/7/2018 9:39:41 AM
Stack Overflow for Teams launches
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Stack Overflow for Teams launches

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Enterprise Monday, May 7, 2018

Stack Overflow for Teams allows development teams the ability to quickly collaborate and document together.

Stack Overflow has announced the launch of Stack Overflow for Teams, the new platform that allows development teams of any size to quickly find answers to questions without disrupting their workflow. Teams is a private, internal central knowledge source where team members can find answers to their questions quickly and efficiently. Stack Overflow for Teams presents a near-instantaneous answer to any work-related question.

Where internal wikis and documentation quickly become outdated and messaging platforms make it impossible to rediscover information, Teams provides an intuitive, searchable platform with answers that are editable and crowd-sourced by one’s peers, meaning answers will always be up-to-date and provided by colleagues who are subject matter experts. This ever-evolving resource scales as the team grows, enabling team members to find up-to-date information now and in the future.

“By and large, developers just want to get on with their work,” said Joel Spolsky, co-founder and CEO of Stack Overflow. “Our Teams platform not only allows developers to quickly find the answer they need to keep working, but it also allows them to share their own knowledge internally, increasing the expertise and productivity of their teams.”

Alex Miller, General Manager of Teams & Enterprise at Stack Overflow, added, “Our Enterprise platform, which is used by hundreds of thousands of developers on teams from global leaders like Bloomberg and Microsoft, has proven an invaluable resource for large development teams to collaborate and share knowledge in a way that optimizes for efficiency and scalability. With Teams, we now extend the benefits of that platform to companies with teams of any size.” 

Stack Overflow for Teams offers:

  • Unlimited private questions and answers: Team members can ask as many questions as they need, and unlike monolithic internal wikis, they can expect relevant answers from team members to their specific questions.

  • Intuitive archiving feature: Tags allow users to sort through questions and answers by topic in order to dig deeper into a subject of interest. When an answer to a given question populates, the user will also see related questions and answers that could prove useful.

  • Member profiles: The Teams platform showcases each user’s specific skill set and the topics about which they frequently answer questions, so team members know whom to consult within their organization if they need further insight.

  • Seamless integration into the workflow: Stack Overflow for Teams is on stackoverflow.com, already a popular daily destination for developers. Furthermore, Teams integrates with existing tools like Slack, so Q&A fits easily into a team’s existing workflow and communication processes.

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