12/21/2012 9:58:46 AM
SPUN developers have 6 simple rules for app development
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SPUN developers have 6 simple rules for app development

Richard Harris Richard Harris in iOS Friday, December 21, 2012

If every iOS developer out there could work with Apple to develop and app to the public your chances of success dramatically increase. That is exactly what the developers of the news app SPUN did when they made their app.

They worked directly with Apple engineers over the course of 5 months to arrive at the experience they wanted and during those conversations they arrived at 6 simple principles that can help you develop better apps.

1. The App Should Feel Like a Tangible Object

2. Don't Quiz the User

3. Details Matter

4. Reward the User With Every Touch

5. Simplicity Is Strength

6. Don't Sacrifice Quality for Time

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