7/25/2014 2:24:50 PM
SimpleECM Offers New Mobile Document Capture SDK to Enterprise Apps
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SimpleECM Offers New Mobile Document Capture SDK to Enterprise Apps

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Enterprise Friday, July 25, 2014

The SimpleECM Mobile Document Capture SDK provides the ability to add document capture to an app with just two lines of code to open the widget and the widget takes care of the rest.

The SDK provides advanced imaging features that helps users capture documents instead of just taking photographs. For instance, users can create multi-page PDFs with their mobile device. And the 3D de-warping feature can de-skew a square or rectangular image if it’s not captured at a perfect right angle. Users can crop, rotate, adjust brightness and contrast, and convert images to grayscale or black and white. 

The SDK offers a prebuilt white label capture interface and is delivered as a fully editable code widget that allows each feature to be disabled for full customization control. The UI displayed by the widget can be skinned (headers, colors, etc.) to better match the look of an app. Developers who do not want to use the widget or require a more customized implementation for some reason can use the core imaging functions exposed within the SDK and gain more granular access. 

More information is available at the here and developers take a look at a sample application in at SimpleECM Mobile Document Capture SDK Github public repository.

Read more: http://www.simpleecm.com/mobile-document-capture/