1. Sickweather Opens API to Developers Creating Health Care Apps
2/2/2016 11:06:57 AM
Sickweather Opens API to Developers Creating Health Care Apps
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Sickweather Opens API to Developers Creating Health Care Apps

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Enterprise Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Sickweather has created a socially sourced real-time map of illness and has recently opened their cognitive API for disease surveillance to outside developers who are creating health care apps. 

Sickweather’s API offers an emerging artificial intelligence called Nightingale which is Sickweather’s data science engine for classifying public reports of illness from social media. This engine leverages Sickweather’s disease surveillance technology and offers the largest illness crowdsourcing community of its kind, processing over 6 million reports of illness each month. 

Endpoints return JSON arrays for the following:

- Individual Markers/Reports: Returns list of reports for the given illness type nearest to the given latitude and longitude

- Local Forecast: This endpoint returns the local forecast for an area, including a description of each illness.

- Submit Illness Reports: Provides the ability to submit a report of an illness. This can be submitted with or without an external ID.

- SickScore: Returns a contagious illness threat level index value along with a list of the top 3 contributing contagious illnesses to that value.

- Endpoint customization:  Also available upon request.

Read more: http://www.sickweather.com/api/