1. Scringo for App Discoverability and User Retention
3/5/2013 9:20:46 AM
Scringo for App Discoverability and User Retention
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Scringo for App Discoverability and User Retention

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Richard Harris Richard Harris

It's easy to get caught up in the storm of "this is going to be huge" when releasing your next big app isn't it? The mood completely changes when 4 weeks after launch you are left wondering "what happened", or "what did I do wrong"?

Perhaps it isn't your app but the way your app interacts with the people using it. Scringo has a new product that will help developers make their apps more social, and discoverable by providing a unique set of tools you embed into your app. You can create a social aspect to your app if you want by letting users "chat" inside it,  you can also enable your users to send out messages, invite friends, and see if others around you are using the same app, plus a whole lot more.

Scringo is available for both iOS and Android and in their tests they report that users spend an average of 97% more time in your app when Scringo is embedded, and an 89% average increase of recurring uses of your app.

Our Take:
It looks like Scringo has touched on something that alot of developers overlook - the social aspect of an app. It's the great "head-fake" in app development that if you miss, can cause even the best apps in the world to nose dive into the app store masses after the initial launch. They are providing a plethora of functionally in just a few lines of code that will no-doubt help your app retain users, and gain more discoverability. The best part -it's all free..

Read more: http://scringo.com/index.php

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