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Reddo Leverages HTML5 to Allow Developers to Create New Mobile Front ends to Existing Windows Desktop Apps
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Reddo Leverages HTML5 to Allow Developers to Create New Mobile Front ends to Existing Windows Desktop Apps

Richard Harris Richard Harris in HTML5 Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Reddo software platform, currently in beta, provides an opportunity for enterprise IT organizations to extend their existing application delivery infrastructure to enable new mobile front-ends to their existing Windows Desktop apps. 

The platform consists of three components:

- Reddo UX Connector: Intercepts UI related communication between running application and Windows to create a bi-directional mapping between the original interface and an equivalent virtual interface rendered in actual HTML5 controls.

- Reddo Adaptive UX Planner: Lets developers redefine an application interface for mobile using a drag and drop designer with no coding. New interfaces are published with a click of button.

- Reddo Application Server: Delivers the virtualized applications on a highly scalable HTML5 server.

Reddo’s User Experience (UX) Connector runs on the same desktop session as the application to be mobilized – whether a physical desktop, VDI, app virtualization, or DaaS environment. The Connector intercepts the original application’s desktop UI to construct a model that describes the key components of the interface.

This model is used to construct a reflected interface using responsive, cross-platform HTML5 controls. This reflection UI is created completely automatically. It looks and behaves like the desktop UI, but is comprised of actual HTML5 controls. As the reflected interface receives user input, the Connector maintains bi-directional communication with the original application.

The Reddo Adaptive UX Planner is a visual design environment that lets developers define different versions of the application, called micro apps. These micro apps can be built for different mobile form factors and/or user profiles. The Planner environment is a drag and drop designer that does require any coding or scripting.

The Adaptive UX Planner guides users through the process of mobilizing applications, offering suggestions for how to transform desktop controls and navigation to mobile form factors. 

Users can build any number of micro apps for single desktop application aligning to different mobile devices or families of devices as well as for different user profiles. The definitions of these micro apps are stored in a special database that is referenced when a specific end user accesses the application from a specific device.

The Reddo Application Server offers a highly scalable HTML5 application server. As an end user accesses an application from their mobile device, the Reddo Application Server initiates a new desktop application session, references the micro app database to determine the appropriate interface, and delivers the HTML5 interface to the end user.

As the user interacts with the application, the server maintains communications through the Connector to the desktop application. Reddo employs a patented protocol for delivering a highly responsive HTML5 interface with no client footprint. This enables the end application to run in any basic browser, secure browser, or as a hybrid app. 

Developers who are interested in participating in the beta program can do on the Reddo website.

Read more: http://info.reddomobility.com/contact-reddo

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