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Priori Data Introduces Google Play App Store Analytics Platform
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Priori Data Introduces Google Play App Store Analytics Platform

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson in Android Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Priori Data, a Berlin-based app store intelligence startup, has released its Google Play app store analytics platform. The new platform is titled Priori Data PRO for Google Play and it offers support for strategic decision-making with app market data and competitive intelligence tools.

Priori Data PRO enables Android app publishers to track global market movements, local country and category trends, and individual publisher and app performance including downloads and revenue. Priori tracks apps on Google Play across more than 50 countries, combining public app store data with transactional data shared by Priori's app publisher partners to produce accurate download and revenue estimates for every app. 

This data is presented in a analytics platform which provides the ability to benchmark performance against competition, scout and size new market opportunities, and discover new entrants to their categories in real-time.

Priori Data PRO is designed to serve a wide range of needs, and offers functionality for leveraging app market data for trend detection, lead identification, competitive benchmarking, investment diligence and more. Priori's analytics products and services help SMEs, startups, and game developers make decisions and build successful businesses with their apps. 

Highlights of the platform include:

- Data for over 1.1M apps

- Historical data dating back to September 1st, 2014

- Geographical coverage spanning 55 countries

- Data aggregation at publisher, category, country, and global levels

- Download and revenues, revenue and user data estimates based on thousands of real data points

- Competitive data accuracy

- Visualization tools and data export functionality

Priori Data PRO also tracks Apple App Store App analytics and is available on subscription basis. The company offers a free Discovery offering and a partnership program for publishers. 

Read more: https://www.prioridata.com/for-app-publishers

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