1. POP Tracker launches their newest POP platform
12/13/2016 2:46:26 PM
POP Tracker launches their newest POP platform
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POP Tracker launches their newest POP platform

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Marketing & Promotion Tuesday, December 13, 2016

POP Tracker (POPT), a supplier of 3rd party proof of performance solutions, has announced the launch of its latest Proof of Performance platform delivering expanded analytics and greater autonomy to advertisers and their agencies.

Their new interface has been designed to reflect the changing work habits of the industry. In addition to a responsive design allowing users to manage campaigns from a tablet or a phone:

- Performance analysis can be presented by advertiser, media vendor, market or media type and reviewed across the advertiser or for each individual campaign

- On-demand POP reports eliminate hours spent chasing POP photos and preparing presentations

- Analytics can instantly calculate the value of additional or lost media based upon posting/removal date

POP Tracker provides clients with proof of performance solutions throughout the OOH supply chain. Clients track progress in real-time and once they see the media installed at the correct location, on the correct day they know their campaign has been perfectly executed. Integration into each step of the campaign: creative, printing, shipping, warehousing, installation and removal enables the new platform to help vendors and customers identify and address issues before they become expensive problems.