2/9/2015 5:00:37 PM
Piston and ActiveState Partner to Offer OpenStack and Cloud Foundry Platform as a Service
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Piston and ActiveState Partner to Offer OpenStack and Cloud Foundry Platform as a Service

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Enterprise Monday, February 9, 2015

Piston Cloud Computing and ActiveState Software are partnering together to use Piston with ActiveState’s Stackato Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) capabilities to offer an OpenStack and Cloud Foundry PaaS based private cloud environment.

Piston provides a turn-key infrastructure management and automation layer while Stackato provides a platform to manage, develop and deploy software. With the combination of Piston and Stackato, customers can deploy a production-ready IaaS plus PaaS stack in a single day.

Stackato is based on the Cloud Foundry and Docker open source projects. It provides development teams with built-in languages, frameworks and services on one single cloud application platform. The partnership with Piston CloudOS provides a solution for application lifecycle management, accelerated deployment, and a hybrid cloud strategy.

Users will have access to a scalable PaaS environment enabling the deployment of web and mobile apps with a flexible IaaS solution ideal for continuous development and delivery. This flexibility allows for rapid updates to web software, and stable and scalable configurations that simplify the pre-cloud configuration process.

ActiveState and Piston benefits include:

- A scalable PaaS runtime environment extensible to modern frameworks and languages for launching and scaling web and mobile apps

- Easy install providing the ability to deploy the entire environment in less than a day

- Built-in high availability and multiple layers of fault tolerance

- Applications and infrastructure scaling, management, and secure automation
More information on the Piston and Stackato by ActiveState partnership is available here.

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