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12/21/2016 3:11:51 PM
Pinxter Digital's predictions for 2017
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Pinxter Digitals predictions for 2017

Mobile Tech

Pinxter Digital's predictions for 2017

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Pinxter Digital thinks about mobile nonstop. With 2017 creeping in, they've put a lot of thought into what the year will hold for mobile technology. 2016 was great for mobile and the success isn't stopping there. 2017 will spark all new waves of innovation.

Mobile Bot Commerce

Black Friday shopping – a joyful experience for some, scary for others. Consumers are increasingly ditching the long lines in stores and instead making purchases through apps. Avoiding the chaos and shopping at home is the ultimate convenience. What takes this convenience to the next level is the ability to use AI (artificial intelligence) when searching for the products you need. Conversational commerce through chatbots is bound to take off next year. This can currently be seen in apps like Facebook Messenger and Kik. These bots will ask consumers questions and use the answers as a guide towards finding what they're after. It's your own personal shopper. Searching for things solo will eventually become a thing of the past.  

Food Ordering Apps

Restaurants like Panera, Chipotle, and Starbucks have all seen success through the usage of mobile ordering apps. A restaurant app on a consumer's phone acts as a constant reminder to eat there. The convenience of ordering right through your phone with the promise of a quick pick-up or delivery is always tempting. There is sure to be an increase in restaurants turning to mobile in 2017. There are also the multi-restaurant delivery apps like Grubhub and UberEats as well as the grocery delivery apps like Instacart or AmazonFresh that more and more consumers will integrate into their daily life. Not only will we see an increase of usage in the expected millennial crowd, but also within an older age range (a.k.a. the late adopters).


Virtual reality isn't a new concept. As amazing as the experience is, it hasn't been easy to bring to market. In recent years, technology and entertainment companies have been pouring money into VR. Luckily it's finally starting to take off. It hasn't been able to fully win over the masses yet due to high costs but 2017 may be the year that changes as these companies work towards making the experience more affordable.


Mobile technology will continue to move each industry into the future. 2016 has set the stage for mobile to completely dominate all fields in 2017.

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