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12/11/2013 12:26:23 PM
Phluant Dojo Offers Ad Serving Tracking, Billing Solution for Mobile Campaigns
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Phluant Dojo Offers Ad Serving Tracking, Billing Solution for Mobile Campaigns

Press Announcements

Phluant Dojo Offers Ad Serving Tracking, Billing Solution for Mobile Campaigns

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Phluant Mobile, the leading platform in mobile display advertising and ad serving, has integrated its third-party mobile ad server, Dojo, with Mediaocean Prisma, a universal campaign management platform used by top digital agencies around the world. Together, Phluant and Mediaocean will offer a single platform for agencies to seamlessly monitor mobile ad placements, using the same dashboard view that they use for online digital campaigns.

“Phluant offers a unified platform to power innovative and inspiring mobile campaigns,” said David Breckling, CEO and co-founder, Phluant Mobile. “Our partnership with Mediaocean gives brands and agencies the tools to eliminate inefficiencies in the mobile ecosystem, and helps create a true omni-channel platform for brand and agency campaign management.”

Using Dojo, advertisers can deploy, track and analyze mobile ad campaigns – all from a central dashboard. Dojo can be accessed using the Prisma interface, where agencies can view campaign metrics directly through the Prisma dashboard to gain insight in to placement performance and help optimize media buying. Agencies can quickly generate reports they need for impression tracking and billing, and reliably bill off of a single number, which streamlines data analysis and accounting.

Phluant’s partnership with Mediaocean maximizes workflow by collating all cross-platform mobile placements. Dojo also offers ad serving capabilities including sequencing, rotation and dayparting, along with tools to serve creative based on a range of parameters, including geography, carrier, device and OS.

Dojo is the first third-party mobile agency ad server to be certified and integrated with Prisma, and the company is a part of Mediaocean’s Connect Partner Network. To sign up for Dojo, please visit phluant.com.

Read more: http://www.phluant.com/

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