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3/12/2015 9:23:02 AM
Perforce Software Launches New Helix SCM and Content Collaboration Platform
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Perforce Software Launches New Helix SCM and Content Collaboration Platform


Perforce Software Launches New Helix SCM and Content Collaboration Platform

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Perforce Software has released Perforce Helix, a new supply chain management (SCM) and content collaboration platform that brings distributed workflows, Git management, advanced threat detection and new deployment options for applications, Internet of Things devices and digital media.
The Helix collaboration platform serves as a single source for all the contributors and assets involved in designing, creating and releasing a product including source code, CAD files, product specs, multimedia, build scripts, environment artifacts and more.  It is available as both on-premise software and a cloud service.

Helix is a unified platform for collaborative development and protection of any type of intellectual property. The platform includes:

- Helix Versioning Engine: With DVCS capabilities for files of any type or size
- Helix GitSwarm: Complete ecosystem for Git-based development
- Helix Swarm: Comprehensive Gerrit-style review application
- Helix Threat Detection: Advanced security for detecting threats to IP
- Helix Insights: Analytics for code-line metrics, quality, user analytics and more
- Native DVCS Capabilities for Greater Developer Flexibility

Helix hybrid version management solution supports both distributed and centralized version control. It combines the developer advantages of a DVCS workflow with the security, scalability and performance offering:

- Native DVCS workflow without limits on file or repository sizes
- Push and fetch to synchronize content between independent Helix sites
- Local repositories for a significant increase in speed
- Simple Git-style commands

Git Management with GitSwarm

Helix GitSwarm supports a pure Git-based workflow offering a Git experience that synchronizes with the Helix Versioning Engine for enterprise-grade visibility, security and control. Features include:

- Advanced repo management capabilities, pull requests, issue tracking, and web hooks
- Completely disconnected native Git workflows
- Security features include project visibility controls, protected branches and permissions
Real-time Threat Detection

Advanced behavioral analytics within Helix automatically detect potential IP theft across all accounts, projects and assets in the Helix platform. The platform allows developers to:

- Monitor all file/IP movement and user interactions to protect against IP theft
- Pinpoint high-risk projects, suspicious staff and compromised accounts
- Accurately identify anomalous behavior
Cloud-based Version Control  

The Helix platform includes a cloud edition providing file storage, sharing, collaboration, and versioning through a web-based interface. The SaaS offering eliminates the need for infrastructure or set-up offering the ability to:

- Store, share and version any type of file including very large files
- Follow, comment, and collaborate in a simple web interface
- Use either Git or Helix tools

Perforce will roll out the Helix platform over the course of the coming weeks. Helix DVCS and Threat Detection capabilities are available immediately. Helix Git management capabilities is in beta release and will be available for production use soon. 

Read more: http://www.perforce.com/

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