5/23/2014 1:29:44 PM
Perfecto Mobile’s On Demand Webinar Series Provides Mobile Performance Testing Insight
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Perfecto Mobile’s On Demand Webinar Series Provides Mobile Performance Testing Insight

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Industry Spotlight Friday, May 23, 2014

Ok, we all understand that it’s not always easy to make time to catch a specific meeting, a training session, webinar etc. And I have to admit that this week I had one of those situations. I had planned to attend the Perfecto Mobile webinar on Wednesday and just prior to the event, had to jump on a conference call that went much longer than I had planned.

However, I knew that the complete video of the webinar would be available after the fact, so my plan is to grab lunch one day and take it in. So I went to the Perfecto Mobile website to check out accessing the webinar and found that, not only is that specific webinar available, there are almost 20 others on the topic of mobile performance testing.

And there are several I would like to view. So now my dilemma is, which one to start with first? If your interested in learning more about mobile performance testing, you can check out one (or as many as you want) of the webinars, which are listed below. To go directly to the webinar page, click here

- Discover Financial Reveals Recipe for Creating a Four Star Mobile App
- 3 Ways to Establish a Sustainable Mobile App Quality Strategy
- Platform Mobile Test Automation Using Eclipse and Selenium
- A Practical Guide for Building Your Mobile Quality COE
- Key Considerations in Mobile App Test Automation
- Introduction to MobileCloud Monitoring - Real Device Monitoring Solution
- Key Considerations in Mobile App Testing
- Effective Mobile Performance Testing Using Real Devices
- Effective Mobile Monitoring on Real Devices
- Effective Mobile Performance Testing Using Real Devices
- Key Considerations in Mobile Web Test Automation
- Mobile Performance Testing Best Practices: Doing it Right
- Key considerations around applying Mobile Performance Testing
- The Secrets to Successful Mobile Testing Part 2: Functional and Performance – detailed demo
- The secrets to successful Mobile Testing - Part I: Key considerations & Demo
- Testing Mobile Web and Apps – Technology Overview & Demo
- Are These Mobile Testing Dilemmas Keeping You Up at Night?
- Is your Application Lifecycle Management mobile-ready?

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