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2/15/2018 9:03:13 AM
People based identity management gets more accessible for brands
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People based identity management gets more accessible for brands

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People based identity management gets more accessible for brands

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Christian Hargrave Christian Hargrave

Connected Consumer Graph service for customer data leveraging by Drawbridge and mParticle is now available.

Drawbridge and mParticle has announced a partnership that gives brands, developers, and publishers a simplified workflow to enhance their customer data by leveraging the Drawbridge Connected Consumer Graph.

This integration simplifies the way brands can share and interact with their data for the purpose of creating custom people-based identity graphs that can be used for such applications as targeted advertising, holistic attribution, content personalization, product recommendations, and more.

“Brands are focused on actionable pathways more than ever, because they recognize that the sooner they can get a more complete understanding of their customers, the sooner they can help drive better experiences across every channel,” said Bhumika Dadbhawala, Head of Business Development for Drawbridge. “That’s what makes this partnership so meaningful for brands and developers - mParticle can serve as the underlying conduit, and help kickstart the process of creating a custom graph.”

“mParticle’s mission is to help marketers create seamless, one-to-one experiences for their customers,” said Dave Myers, co-founder and COO of mParticle. “With this integration, marketers using mParticle and Drawbridge can create personalized experiences faster without consuming engineering resources.”

How Drawbridge Connected Consumer Graph works:

  • When a brand, developer, or publisher that has implemented the mParticle SDK wants a custom Connected Consumer Graph from Drawbridge, it notifies mParticle.

  • mParticle passes the appropriate data to Drawbridge (typically mobile device IDs or cookies), without any additional development work required by the brand.

  • Drawbridge ingests the data, builds a custom graph, and passes the expanded dataset back to the brand.

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