8/30/2016 6:06:35 PM
Pebble Extends Platform to JavaScript Developers with New SDK
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Pebble Extends Platform to JavaScript Developers with New SDK

Richard Harris Richard Harris in SDK Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Pebble has announced that it has extended access to its open platform to JavaScript developers to make it easier and faster to create new apps. Developers using Rocky.js can now develop their own apps for Pebble. 

Along with this firmware update, Pebble also released new features that will enable quicker actions and faster access to the information that matters the most, including:

- Timeline updates: The new Quick View feature allows users to see what’s coming up next in the day right from their watchface. Pressing down on the watchface gives users access to current events.

- App Glances: View information from your apps without having to open them. 
4-Button Quick Launch: Customize your Pebble even further by assigning your favorite apps to each button for quicker access.

- A Redesigned Health App: The new app focuses on simplicity and glanceability and  reintroduces weekly charts to summarize your health activity. Pebblers can now access the health app by pressing the up button on their watchface, enabling quicker access to step and sleep activity. 

- Email Actions: iOS users can Reply, Delete, and Archive Gmail emails directly from the notifications on their watch through the Inbox, Gmail and Mail apps. 

All of these features are available in the Pebble SDK today.

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