5/2/2014 10:13:27 AM
Parse Local Datastore Lets Developers Take Apps Offline
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Parse Local Datastore Lets Developers Take Apps Offline

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Android Friday, May 2, 2014

The new Parse Local Datastore is an updated feature in the Parse Android SDK that lets developers to take an app offline with just a few simple lines of code. ParseObject#pin() adds ParseObjects to the Local Datastore and ParseObject#unpin() removes them. Once pinned, they can be accessed anytime with a normal ParseQuery.

Pinned ParseObjects will remain accessible while offline, through app exits and restarts, until they are unpinned. Subsequent saves, updates, or deletes will keep the Parse Local Datastore results up-to-date.

Developers can also choose to update an object using ParseObject#saveEventually(). This will first update its instance in the Local Datastore and then remotely, so any changes can be kept up-to-date while offline.

This also means that developers already using ParseObject#saveEventually() to protect an app against network failures will get most of this without any additional work, simply by updating to the latest Android SDK and enabling Local Datastore.

Parse has made available a guide and API docs to take Android apps offline. An iOS Parse Local Datastore is in the works. 

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