1. Orasi Software Expands Big Data Analytics Services
3/30/2016 7:38:41 AM
Orasi Software Expands Big Data Analytics Services
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Orasi Software Expands Big Data Analytics Services

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson

Orasi Software has announced that  it has added HPE IDOL and HPE Vertica, two of Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s (HPE’s) Big Data Platform solutions, to its product lineup. Orasi will utilize these solutions to help companies to deploy and effectively use the HPE big data analytics products.

“The HPE Big Data Platform components deliver speed and scale and the broadest range of consumption models,” said Phil Rayment, HPE Vice President, Americas Software Channels. “Solutions such as HPE Vertica and HPE IDOL enable organizations to consume, interpret and visualize all of their data regardless of source or format, enabling them to address the most demanding big data analytics initiatives efficiently and effectively.”

As the Orasi team notes, the technologies that organizations have traditionally used for analytics in software development and testing no longer work with today’s datasets, which can be unstructured and are often enormous. HPE’s Big Data Platform addresses this problem enabling enterprises to more effectively identify and correct application issues. With the proliferation of social media, application developers can get immediate feedback on consumer sentiment regarding their products and get a much deeper understanding on how consumers are using their products.

With the HPE Big Data Platform solutions, companies will be able to unlock 100% of their data, including structured, machine and human information, without being forced to choose between scale and performance. Organizations can gain a much deeper understanding of their customers and their businesses, which in turn will increase their competitiveness in the marketplace.

HPE IDOL is a next-generation enterprise search and data analytics platform, which enables organizations to search and analyze unstructured data from virtually any source, any format and any location with speed, security and scale. The platform uses patented pattern-matching technology to enable users to access virtually all information, regardless of source repository or language, and perform sophisticated content analytics to make sense of the data.

With support for all leading BI and visualization tools, open source technologies such as Hadoop and R, and built-in analytical functions, HPE Vertica helps organizations derive more value from their enterprise data warehouses and data lakes. Its ability to pre-aggregate data accelerates popular queries in the Vertica SQL analytics database, speeding data load times exponentially and letting users take full advantage of dashboards, reports and other "serve" use cases that demand sub-second response times. 

In addition, HPE Vertica was purpose-built with a hybrid in-memory/on-disk architecture to ensure near real-time availability of information. Both in-memory and on-disk locations are automatically queried during any analytic operation, returning a single result to the requestor.

“Today’s software developers must focus on the user experience - it is an absolutely vital component of software adoption and success,” said Orasi Software President and CEO Nick Kavadellas. “HPE’s Big Data Platform enables organizations to run, in minutes, queries that previously took hours, increasing the effectiveness of agile development. Oars clients that deploy these solutions will be able to acquire information about - and then respond to - their customers’ feedback in real time, which can significantly improve user satisfaction.”

Read more: http://www.orasi.com/testing-solutions/Pages/Big-D...

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