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11/1/2015 12:31:23 PM
Oracle Offers New Cloud Products for JavaScript and Java Developers
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Oracle Offers New Cloud Products for JavaScript and Java Developers


Oracle Offers New Cloud Products for JavaScript and Java Developers

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Oracle has released new cloud offerings that extend its product line with new services, toolkits and updated frameworks for JavaScript and Java developers. The new offerings are designed to facilitate application development, delivery and deployment for polyglot software development ecosystems.

Oracle’s new cloud products offer a set of services, toolkits and development frameworks that enable organizations to apply JavaScript and Java developers’ skills across technologies to create enterprise apps, lightweight container apps, web apps, and mobile apps.

Oracle Application Container Cloud

Oracle Application Container Cloud is a new Oracle Cloud Platform (PaaS) offering leveraging Docker containers. The platform Cloud joins the Java Cloud Service, which offers a Java Enterprise Edition deployment platform based on Oracle WebLogic Server, and Oracle Mobile Cloud, a Node.JS-based mobile optimized integration platform.

The Application Container Cloud includes:

- Java SE Cloud Service: Designed to run Java code that doesn’t require a full Java Enterprise Edition infrastructure, Java SE Cloud Service includes support for Spring, Jersey, Tomcat, Play, and can run JVM-based languages like JRuby, Jython, and Closure. 

- Node Cloud Service: Optimized to run JavaScript-based server side functionality using the Node JS platform, this offering includes support for popular Node frameworks and npm modules like Express, underscore, and passport.

Oracle Developer Cloud Service

The Oracle Developer Cloud Service is a PaaS development solution that supports DevOps functionality for the container cloud new services and includes support for JavaScript, in addition to the ongoing support currently offered for Java and Java Enterprise Edition developers.

The Oracle Developer Cloud offers full development lifecycle support covering requirements tracking, team management, Git code versioning, code review functionality, collaborative wikis, continuous integration automation, and deployment services. Oracle is also launching cloud-based IDE functionality as part of this service, supporting browser-based coding in the cloud for both Java and JavaScript.

Frameworks for Java and JavaScript Developers

The Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit delivers a client-side JavaScript set of libraries that can be used together (or in a modular fashion) to complement the current JavaScript technology stack. The toolkit offers enterprise-ready features that may not be available in existing JavaScript frameworks and libraries, including accessibility and internationalization support for its UI components. The toolkit also offers a set of data visualization components, an advanced routing system for single page applications, common two-way data binding with simplified integration with services over a variety of protocols, and resource management for lighter applications.

New versions of Oracle’s Java-based development frameworks are also available including:

- Oracle Application Development Framework: A framework that simplifies development of Java-based Web applications, providing extended support for responsive user interfaces creation, and REST/JSON services publishing and consumption.

- Oracle Mobile Application Framework: A framework that simplifies the development of on-device mobile applications across mobile operating systems, it adds functionality that increases performance of applications on both Android and iOS platforms, and provides new user interface capabilities and various other features.

PaaS Services for Business Users

These new PaaS services enable business users with no prior coding experience to self-service their development needs through visual and declarative, no-code-required development environments including:

- Oracle Application Builder Cloud Service: Provides an browser-based development environment for business users to create and publish their own Web applications. This offering allows the creation of custom data objects as well as simplified access to services from Oracle SaaS.

- Oracle Mobile Application Accelerator: An Oracle Mobile Cloud Service feature, it enables business analysts to create device-resident mobile applications through an intuitive browser-based development experience, leveraging mobile-optimized services exposed through Oracle Mobile Cloud Service.

Read more: https://cloud.oracle.com/application-development

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