1. Online Hackathon Challenges Developers to Create Innovative Applications Leveraging Handwriting Recognition Technology
8/26/2015 9:50:38 AM
Online Hackathon Challenges Developers to Create Innovative Applications Leveraging Handwriting Recognition Technology
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Online Hackathon Challenges Developers to Create Innovative Applications Leveraging Handwriting Recognition Technology

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Richard Harris Richard Harris

MyScript, a leader in digital ink management technology, has launched the MyScript App Challenge, an online hackathon for developers. Participants are invited to build applications that demonstrate practical and innovative use cases where handwriting recognition technology can be leveraged. The competition will award $20,000 in prizes to contest participants.

MyScript provides an online handwriting recognition engine that instantly converts handwritten input into digitized information that can be easily processed. People can use their fingers, a digital pen or a stylus as an input device on mobile phones, graphical tablets, interactive whiteboards and other interfaces. 

The technology enables easy recognition of mathematical equations, formulas, diagrams and shapes, musical notations in addition to written text. It makes handwritten documents searchable and allows them to be instantly shared between numerous applications. MyScript has created a variety of applications and demonstrations that showcase the core functionality of its handwriting recognition engines.

For this global competition, developers are challenged to create an app using APIs available in the MyScript Cloud Development Kit (CDK) or Application Toolkit (ATK). The MyScript ATK includes a variety of widgets and application components to help developers easily integrate handwriting recognition technology into their solutions. The MyScript CDK provides an HTTP-based set of services that enable the integration of handwriting recognition into any application via a simple Internet connection. 

These tools are available free of charge for non-commercial use on the MyScript Developer Program web site. The self-service web portal offers ready-to-integrate handwriting recognition APIs, code samples, a forum for peer support and knowledge sharing, detailed documentation, and additional resources such as videos and webinars.

Utilizing the MyScript APIs, developers can combine in one application the use of multiple handwriting recognition engines including text, math, shape, and music. Developers can build an app for education, a game, a new productivity tool, or even a new use case not previously envisioned. 

Apps submitted by developers could:

- Change the way users interact with their mobile devices. 
- Add a new level of interactivity to games and learning exercises.
- Enhance the way students learn or teachers assess classwork. 
- Improve how consumers and enterprises take notes or collect and share information.
- Create a new use case for digital ink in the Internet of Things.

 “At MyScript, we continually push the boundaries of what digital ink technology can do to enhance the way we interact with devices,” said Gary Baum, VP of Marketing at MyScript. “With this app challenge, we are empowering developers to extend the traditional user experience with the inclusion of our industry-leading APIs. We are motivated to see what new approaches developers will take.”

The competition will be judged by a panel of industry experts including team members from MyScript Labs, international analyst firm IDC, and tech media including Android Rundown. 

Application submissions will be judged on four main criteria including:

- Effective use of the MyScript APIs.
- App design.
- Utility of use case demonstrated by the app.
- Innovation in the use of handwriting recognition.

The grand prize winner will receive $10,000. First runner up will receive $5,000 and second runner up $3,000. MyScript will also host a popular vote whereby the public can vote for their favorite submission. The winner will receive $2,000. 

Submissions will be accepted through October 28, and winners will be announced on November 18. For information regarding rules and eligibility, developers should visit http://myscript.devpost.com.

Read more: http://myscript.com/news/myscript-app-challenge/

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