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11/7/2017 12:08:47 PM
NXP releases their HomeKit SDK for Apple IoT
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NXP releases their HomeKit SDK for Apple IoT


NXP releases their HomeKit SDK for Apple IoT

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Apple HomeKit SDK for communication between Apple Devices has been released by NXP Semiconductors.

NXP Semiconductors announced that its Apple HomeKit Software Development Kit (SDK) offers full support for home automation applications using HomeKit, delivering exceptional performance, advanced security, while supporting all connectivity options, including BLE, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and remote access over iCloud.

HomeKit is a framework in iOS that lets accessories connect seamlessly so people can better manage their homes using the Apple Home app through their iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. It offers a set of common protocols which enable many types of accessories to work together easily and securely, and allows consumers to control them simply asking Siri. HomeKit is built on a secure foundation with end-to-end encryption, providing customers a secure connection between their iPhone or iPad and HomeKit-enabled accessories.

NXP’s SDK with HomeKit support is architected for multiple system configurations, from a very low power wireless single chip microcontroller (MCU) system (like Kinetis KW41Z and KW31Z), to a dual processor system consisting of a host processor (like Kinetis , LPC or i.MX) that runs the HomeKit Accessory Protocol (HAP) and accessory application, and a wireless radio. Many Kinetis MCUs and i.MX applications processors offer a wide array of advanced security features such as cryptographic keys storage, software and system protection options, a hardware random number generator (RNG), and integrated system tamper detection.

“HomeKit is the leading way for consumer adoption of the smart home, with an open platform that allows accessories to work seamlessly together and securely with your iPhone or iPad,” said Emmanuel Sambuis, vice president of microcontrollers and connectivity at NXP Semiconductors. “By adding HomeKit support to NXP’s rich portfolio of MCUs, application processors and crossover processors, accessory makers can enjoy the benefits of everything the platform offers including Siri voice control, iCloud remote access, easy configuration, user APIs with built-in firmware upgrade support to address these consumer requirements, enabling fast and efficient design for a broad spectrum of home automation products.”

HomeKit SDK features include:

  • A debug mode that provides visibility of the user API and select application parameters

  • Implementation of virtual accessories that can be used as the starting point for product development, even before all the application hardware is available

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